Cloud installs can be a challenge. Do you own the software and install it off-site or do you let ASI host and go the SAAS (Software as a service) route? You need to know what you can and cannot do and how any potential change will affect your current operations.

BSCI can assess and advise customers migrating to the cloud. ASI cloud hosted clients have:

  • no ability to install additional software;
  • no ability to use custom ASP.NET webform-based (ASCX) iParts;
  • no custom c# code.
So new iParts will make use of single-page architecture and these client-based iParts are uploaded to the RiSE content management system.

If you cannot convert your ASP.NET webform-based (ASCX) iParts or live within the confines of the ASI cloud then BSCI can oversee your MIS 20-300 install at a neutral hosting vendor.

Regardless of where your software lives to build friendly cloud-based applications you have to know iMIS, its feature-set, data-model and business rules. We strive to use RiSE out of the box whenever we can to get the best possible experience for our customers constituents.