Representational State Transfer (ReST) Cloud Services:  Training & Integration


ReST is an architecture style for designing networked applications. The idea is that, rather than using complex mechanisms such as CORBA, RPC or SOAP to connect between machines, simple HTTP is used to make calls between machines.

Python code is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language used by sites like YouTube, Google and Dropbox.  BSCI provides training that includes iMIS Data Contracts, ReST access to iMIS, examples for using the iMIS ReST API and a list based data structure for recording iMIS financial transactions from other systems and can even provide a test system for training your staff.

 Additional services provided by BSCI include, but are not limited to:

  • BSCI can deliver a iMIS demo system for testing ASI's ReST API access/code. 
  • Training for setting up a ReST client including:   C#, Python and Java examples;
  • Project advice for using ReST for reporting and to interface to non-iMIS applications;
  • C# Applications as a Web Service to apply financial transactions;
  • Using ReST in cloud installs to get things done.

Contact us for details and access.