Data Profiling Service Special

Is it time to review some of your iMIS data?

Profile the data to determine it's accuracy, completeness, and validity.

Some of the benefits of data profiling are:

  • 1st step when starting an Analytic or AI data project
  • Shorten the implementation cycle of projects
  • Generate information to improve data quality/health
  • Improve users' understanding of data
  • Generate information to make better data decisions
  • Expose inconsistencies in the data
  • Developing KPIs

For a limited time BSCI will profile your Name/Party data and one user defined table for $100.00.1

Here's a sample report, see Data Profiling for more information about profiling data.

Four (4) reports will be generated for each file submitted:

  • Individual Member Constituents
  • Company Member Constituents
  • Individual Non-member Constituents
  • Company Non-member Constituents

To get these reports, send us the Name2 and user defined data you want profiled by emailing Jon Guenther -   Just zip the csv files exported by the iMIS query tool and attach them to the email.3

1 If you need a NDA, use this one if you can, or, send us yours', we'll sign and return it.

2 If you need an IQA to display Name/Party data (CsContact),  this will work!  Just import it into iMIS and run.

3 If the zipped file/s are to large to email, call us at (312) 553-1253, ask for Jon and we'll review other options.