Password Reset iPart

Don't like the way ASI's Contact Sign-In iPart works out-of-the-box? It is designed with a certain utility for most customers but if it doesn't work for your constituents then you have a problem. Luckily you have another option. 

BSCI developed an iPart similar to ASI's stock implementation but we adjust the way it works to suit our customers. BSCI's Password Reset iPart is consulting-ware, which means you don't get a manual and we assist with implementation. But we can be flexible and allow for various customer requirements or projects like a special password change effort, and our iPart is designed to integrate into iMIS RiSE/WCM sites.

Custom Site Security Solutions 
We can help implement ASI's standard security components to insure they are used properly and enforce your security rules. BSCI's own custom Password Reset iPart can be used when your organization's process is more complex. Feel free to call and present your unique scenario for our review.

Automated Security Credential Creation 
Using Task Center or Talend, we implement automation to create security credentials for newly created member records based on your business rules.

Implementation of New Security Protocols 
We also design, test and implement self-service password or login change routines, or transition a customer to a higher-strength password regimen.