Designed for Small-Staff Organizations

The complete engagement management solution in one ready-to-use software package. More than 30,000 nonprofit professionals everyday use iMIS.

It is packaged, upgradeable software for the life of your organization with award-winning support, a worldwide network of trained professionals, and a tightly connected user community.iMIS 20-100 is designed for small-staff organizations and delivery is exclusively via ASI's private iMIS Cloud. This is the same iMIS larger organizations have used for years but with advanced cloud-based systems ASI and BSCI can help the smallest organizations reach and engage their constituents. 

The feature-set has been focused just for small-staff organizations and based on a model of constituent self-service. 

Imagine a platform neutral user interface where executives, staff professionals, board members, and volunteers get personalized delivery of organization data, anywhere, anytime and all powered by iMIS 20-100.
For more information about iMIS 100, please call Wes Mitiu at (312) 553-1253 x230 or email him at: