Surveys/Evaluations Utility

Pure client-based iPart solution to poll your members about almost anything! Improve your understanding of your constituent needs by sending them a link to your RiSE site and use for:

  • • Questionnaires
  • • Quizzes/Tests
  • • Course Evaluations
  • • Surveys
  • • On-Line Voting
  • • Member Satisfaction/Follow Up

Main Points of Feature-Set

  • Uses REST API for all data access,
  • Is true client-side iPart, just takes an evaluation code to configure the iPart;
  • Is 100% Cloud-Friendly - no access to web server, no use of desktop features;
  • Doesn’t replace any existing iMIS feature,
  • Can be linked to an event function in iMIS for training evaluations;
  • Answers stored in normal iMIS Activity records;
  • Use in your existing iMIS Communities to engage community members;
  • Response reporting is via standard IQAs/Dashboards;

The iPart renders a simple yet sophisticated evaluation form based on config settings in your RiSE container page and displays the list of questions you choose to be a part of the evaluation.

Main Display

Create your evaluation in RiSE. An evaluation could be based on an iMIS event function or not.

Cart Display

Add any new evaluation questions in RiSE, or select from existing ones.

Before Payment

Dashboards for Evaluations use standard IQAs and graphs.

Order Confirmation

Response data is stored in an Activity type record.

After Payment

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